In contemplation for facilitating the purchase of our customers, we have a financial aid that customers may opt for when making a payment which is credit payment. We have only one option that is:

The credit limit that you (as our customer) will receive is the amount of 30% from the total invoice or not exceed 10,000 Thai Baht (whichever is smaller).

For instance, should you purchase our products with the accumulated value of 60,000 Thai Baht and wish to opt for receiving credits from us, you will receive a credit of 30% of 60,000 Thai Baht which equals to 18,000 Thai Baht. Since the amount exceeds 10,000 Thai Baht threshold, the credit amount that you will receive, as a result, is 10,000 Thai Baht.


1.  Customers must show his/her identification (see DOCUMENT(S) NEEDED below) with notarised copy. And he/she must pay the remaining 30% within 30 days.
2.  We will only ship the products to an address in accordance with the one shown in the identification card or documents.
3.  The credit limit must not exceed 10,000 Thai Baht per customer.


Natural person : Copy of national identity card
Juristic person : Certified Copy of Company Registration Certified Copy of VAT Registration Certificate
NOTICE :   In case customers want to place a new order, he/she needs to pay the remaining 30% of the total amount of the previous purchase before making a new one. In regards to the new order, customers can opt for making 100% payment or 70% payment with the remaining as credit.